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Final Mile White Glove Project Logistics Solutions
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Toll Free 877-DELIVEX
Manufacturers and Distributors
Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment distribution is our specialty. If you are looking for a one stop custom solution for your supply chain project DeliveXy could be the distribution final mile delivery solution you have been looking for. Office, Retail, Medical, Restaurant and Hotel we have had the privilege of creating and designing the optimum supply chain solution for our clients in each of these industries.

Approaching each project with a whole view of the Supply Chain is an important aspect to successful execution. Having experience working with and coordinating these projects with manufacturers, suppliers, carriers, warehouses, building management, location security and general contractors is what the DeliveXy team has been doing for over a decade.   

Our local DeliveXy professionals represent your brand and are an integral part of your customers overall experience with you and your company. We have spent years building teams both for deployment (Multi-State) and in many local areas and building systems and procedures specific to each project to ensure compliance with DeliveXy standard operating procedures. This ensures your client is provided with the best customer service in the industry. 

We have managed large Logistics Projects. Nationwide rollouts and resets of products that need distribution and first and final mile value added services like inside delivery, equipment setup and assembly.

We are open to RFPs for Larger Project Logistics services including the need for assembly or plan-a-gram setup, distribution and fulfillment. Call one of our Nationwide Project Logistics managers today toll free 855-684-3181 With these types of projects we prefer discussing your unique needs rather than providing an online form to you fill out and waste your time. GIVE US A CALL!